Weevz proudly presents: Iceland, best wild Brown Trout fishing of Europe

No doubt about it…………..the best fly fishing for brown trout, artic char, sea trout and salmon can be found in the north-east part of Iceland, easy reachable by Iceland’s second largest town Akureyri. You reach this area easily by taking the A1 by car from Reykjavik or fly within one hour to Akureyri, then pick up your car and drive by the same A1 towards your fly fishing destination. And to make it easy……we have already sampled the best rivers for you!


From Lake Myvatn flows a beautiful river, the Laxa Myvatn River. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful rivers in all of Iceland and beyond. One of the best things about this river is that it is full of brown trout. And these fish are no ordinary creatures. They are big and fat from gorging on the rich insect life this very nutritious and healthy river produces and is habitat and important food source for so many species of birds as well as these monstrous brown trout. The river is divided in several beats, each with its own character.

The top beat is at Lake Myvatn. Here a total of 6 rods per day are allowed giving each angler plenty of room to fish and enjoy nature far from anyone else. What seems to be endless amount of pools, runs, pockets and places for fish to feed and hide make up your playground during your stay at the Laxa Myvatn River.

The beats above the dam are considered by many to be the beast trout fishing available in the world. The number and size of brown trout have to be seen to be believed. We are proud and honored to be able to offer the Laxa Myvatn River to our clients from 2012 and onwards. Anglers stay in the Hof lodge. Another beat is below the Laxa in Myvatnssveit. Here a total of 10 rods are allowed at any given time and so plenty of room for each angler to fish. Here the character of river is different from the upper beat at Laxa Myvatnssveit and the access to the river is easier in most cases. Anglers stay in the Raudholar lodge where full board accommodation is provided.

The Stadartorfa, Mulatorfa, Presthvammur and Hraun beats are located below the dam on the Laxa Myvatn. At this stage the river is called Laxa in Adaldalur which is referred to by some as the Big Laxa. The river is famous for its salmon fishing but these are the trout beats in the river. Average catch rates are around 1000 trout for these beats. We offer both guided fishing trips to these beats as well as just the fishing permits. There is no lodge for these beats, but can assist in finding proper accommodation.


River Litla is considered to be one of Iceland’s top trout rivers for both sea run and brown trout. The river holds the Icelandic record for biggest sea trout caught on the fly, a 23 pound hen fish caught on May 1 2004, caught on a streamer called Dyrbitur. The river is mostly spring fed and gathers a great deal of its water volume from underground springs. This is very common for the most recent and most volcanic part of Iceland but what makes Litla just a little bit different is the fact that some of the springs are warm. The effect is quite clear and despite being located far north the river never freezes during winter.

In the early season that starts in April to about mid-May anglers are targeting sea trout and brown trout in the 5-12 pound size range with the common brown trout at about 3-10 pounds and the common sea trout at about 2-12 pounds. Bigger fish are seen and hooked every year. In June, July and August the river is fantastic for streamer, dry fly and nymph fishing for big brown trout and Arctic char in the 4-8 pound range. The river is full of fry and stickleback that the bigger fish gorge on and so streamer fishing can be somewhat magical but when conditions are right a tiny dry fly will catch a big fish. The river offers incredible diverse fishing conditions and at the top it is small and slow with a mid- section of rapids, runs and deep pools and then a much bigger, deeper bottom section where big trout can hide almost anywhere. Accommodation is at Keldunes Guesthouse, located at the top of the river and is very comfortable.

The brown trout are exceptionally large in the river and so is the sea trout. Char over 50 cm were quite common in 2012. In the course of three days an angler can expect to catch several brown trout over 50 cm (20 inches) as well as sea trout. The fish feed mostly on the unbelievable numbers of fry and stickleback in the river and become very heavy compared to length. The fish are very good fighters and will jump a lot during the fight.


The Svarta is one of many rivers with the same name in Iceland so be advised that this one is located in the Skagafjordur district in the north of Iceland.

The Svarta and Huseyjarkvisi is the same river only the Svarta is the upper river above the waterfall. The Huseyjarkvisi is one of the best kept secrets for huge sea trout and salmon in season. Fishing area for brown trout on the Svarta starts above the Reykjafoss waterfall and right on the edge of the waterfall some big trout often hold. The river is fished normally with 4 rods at any given time with an option of adding 2 rods in special circumstances. Early in the season fish tend to hold mostly in the lower regions of the river where warm water seeps into the river from the ground. A walk from the edge of the waterfall and up to the bridge a few kilometers upstream can be magical and anglers can really lose themselves there on a good day.

You will fish in fast running water with on every corner great pools. It is recommended to fish with heavy nymphs and bead head wooly buggers. Sink-tip lines can give amazing results. The upper regions are fantastic for those who want to get away from it all and just walk around in beautiful nature along a beautiful river and fish in total privacy. Accommodation is at Solvanes Guesthouse.


River Brunna in Oxarfjordur is a gin-clear char, brown trout and sea trout river on the north- east coast of Iceland some 20 minutes away from the Litla River. The number of rods allowed in the river is only three and the river is fly-only where catch and release is practiced. Brunna flows through wonderful surroundings, offering areas of unique beauty and diversity. The fishing grounds are 10 kilometers long creating plenty space for each angler.

The angling season for Brunna begins in April with artic char and brown trout as the main catch. From the middle of June to the end of season (October) the arctic char and brown trout is for the most parts the main catch. The sea run char starts its journey up Brunna in early June. Sea trout shows up at their traditional time, towards the end of August. The surrounding area of the Brunna is unforgettable. The gin clear river holds many beautiful fishing spots. The Brunna River is one of the few rivers left in Iceland where fishing for sea run arctic char is still going strong.

Catch rates are around 200 – 300 fish each year with growing numbers. The brown trout stock holds large individuals. The stock of char is strong and the sea run brown trout stock is getting stronger. The breathtaking surroundings will leave no angler untouched and to be able to fish in tranquility for such large fish in such beautiful landscape is a privilege. In the early stages of the season the Arctic char feed mostly subsurface and small bead head nymphs fished upstream seem to work the best. When the season progresses and the water temperature rises the fish will come up to the surface, especially in the morning and evening when they will be enticed with a well presented caddis imitation. Nymphing with long leaders and a strike indicator is a very productive method especially for Artic Char.

The lodge is located in beautiful surroundings near the river and accommodates 6 people. The lodge is new and comfortable located in breathtaking settings within walking distance from service.


Trout & Artic Char: June 1 – August 31
Sea Trout: April, May and then mid- August – September

Rivers & Accommodation:
River Svarta at Solvanes Guesthouse,
River Laxa at Huf lodge, Rauhalor lodge and Brekka Guest House,
River Brunna at Brunna Fishing lodge,
River Litla at Keldunes Guest House

Species: Brown Trout, Artic Char and Sea Trout.

Fly fishing only Location: north-east Iceland : 1.5 hour drive from Akureyri or 5 hours drive from Reykjavik.

Advisable: book your fishing permits at least 6 months ahead in order to get access on your requested dates. Fly fishing season is very short in Iceland and permits are very limited. Prices starts around € 150,- per day including accommodation & fishing license. In many occasions packages are tailor-made. Car rent advisable. Meals are included at Huf and Rauhalor Lodge. Selfcatering options are available at Brekka Guesthouse, Solvanes Guesthouse, Brunna Fly Fishing Lodge and Keldunes Guesthouse.

Fly fishing guides are available on request